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One Word 2024

I’ve been selecting my one word for a few years now, in place of New Year’s resolutions. I like the way it helps guide my actions and interactions through a particular lens and aligns with the current season of my life.


In light of this, my 2024 One Word is EMBRACE!


Embrace (verb)

1: to clasp in the arms – hug; cherish, love

2: encircle, enclose

3: to take up especially readily or gladly; to avail oneself of – welcome

4: to take in or include as a part, item, or element of a more inclusive whole

This year:

  • I will embrace my milestone birthday, with gratitude for everything I’ve done and have in my life to this point. I will embrace growing older as I recognise it is a privilege not all experience and that each day is a gift.

  • I will embrace occasions to celebrate with family, both big, planned events (including my 50th birthday, my sister’s 40th birthday, my sister-in-law’s wedding and a family overseas holiday) and small events that arise.

  • I will embrace opportunities to connect with others, personally and professionally, and will nurture existing relationships and foster new ones.

  • I will embrace and devote time to my hobbies, photography (@kazzazsnaps), podcasting (@inspiration_influence_impact) and hiking.

  • I will embrace and seek learning experiences, to continue my passion for growth.

  • I will embrace noticing and savouring things that bring me joy.

  • I will embrace my true self and all that I am.


My overall goal is to embrace all areas of my life to promote mental and physical well-being, personal development, meaningful relationships, and a sense of purpose, creating a positive ripple effect and fostering a fulfilling existence.


"The life you want begins by embracing the life you have." Rob Bell


You can read about my past One Words below.

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