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Listen as guests from all walks of life share where they have found inspiration, who has influenced them in their lives and what impact they hope to have on the lives of others. These stories not only connect and empower us, but inspire, influence and impact those around us, often more than we’ll ever know.

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Season 2

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#40. Liz Benson: Impacting The Middle

My guest this episode, Liz Benson, shares her passion for middle leadership and how her own journey drives her work to support middle leaders to thrive. She discusses her mission to elevate the perception of middle leadership to be seen as a complex and complete role.


#39. Aaron Johnston: Influencing Hopes and Dreams

My guest this episode, Aaron Johnston, shares how his own life experiences motivate his work as an educator, and talks about his mission to ensure schools a place of joy where each and every student feels valued and successful.


#38. Gemma Goodyear: Honouring Learners and Learning 

My guest this episode, Gemma Goodyear, shares how her love of learning has guided her work to create schools that look different, honour learners and are places of joy.


#37. Chuck Anderson: Inspiring Thriving

My guest this episode, Chuck Anderson, discusses the impact of his lived experiences with mental illness and his goal to support others to thrive by sharing through storytelling and connection.

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#36. Sue Langley: The Impact of Positive Psychology

My guest this episode, Sue Langley, shares her passion for guiding and supporting others to be their best selves through practical application of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

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#35. Kari Sutton: Inspiring Resilience

My guest this episode, Kari Sutton, shares her passion for helping parents and adults who care for kids lay the foundations of resilience and emotional wellbeing in early childhood, so we can protect our future generations. She talks about her determination to nurture conversations about how we cultivate children’s positive mental health to deliver tangible strategies and insights which are immediately actionable.


#34. Kelly Chase: Historical Contributions 

My guest this episode, Kelly Chase, shares her passion for sharing the voices and stories of women in history, and her desire to support educators with resources for teaching all perspectives of our full history.


#33. Keelie Allen: A Kindness Movement 

My guest this episode, Keelie Allen, shares her passion for making the world a better place and the life experiences that have inspired her to create a kindness movement.

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#32. Jane Taylor: The Impact of Unlearning

My guest this episode, Jane Taylor, shares how her life experiences led to her passion for connecting and building relationships with others, and how her journey of unlearning led to her own self-discoveries. She talks about how this knowledge and understanding now guide her as she supports people to change the way they see themselves in order to be whole-heartedly themselves. 

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#31. Sarah Donaldson: International Influence

My guest this episode, Sarah Donaldson, shares her passion for empowering people to be their authentic selves and for all people to feel seen, heard and valued, which is complemented and supported by her belief that education can and should be an act of social justice and an opportunity to nurture global citizens that embrace diversity and bring people in from the margins. She talks about her vision for deconstructing the status quo and recreating a more equitable society, as belonging and equity benefits us all, and the influence working in international schools had had on her beliefs and practice. 


#30. Lisa Baylis: Inspiring Self-Compassion

My guest this episode, Lisa Baylis, shares her journey towards self-compassion and how kindness and mindfulness practices have influenced her own well-being and inspired her to support other educators with their own well-being, building resiliency and restoring the joy of teaching. 


#29. Amy Green: Elevating Wellness

My guest this episode, Amy Green, shares her vision for helping educators thrive both in and outside the classroom, her mission to support schools to identify effective systems to ensure the wellness of staff, and how her own wellness journey has inspired and influenced her work. 


#28. Brett Salakas: Inspiring Connections

My guest this episode, Brett Salakas, shares his wide and varied educational journey and its impact on his teaching pedagogy and practice. He talks about his passion for turning educational theory into real classroom practice, and supporting other educators to do the same. Brett's mission for connection, collaboration and inspiration drives his work and the influence and impact he hopes to have. 


#27. Allyson Apsey: The Impact of Serendipity

My guest this episode, Allyson Apsey, shares her mission to bring joy to the lives of others and the origins and impact of her serendipity journey, and how that guides the work she does with educators and students. She discusses her goal of hope for creating schools where teachers can feel both fulfilled and have energy for their lives beyond school. Allyson loves supporting educators as everyone works to be happy and effective people for the benefit of all, as when our teachers thrive our students thrive. 


#26. Rachael Lehr: The Influence of Ideas 

My guest this episode, Rachael Lehr, shares how the ideas and big dreams of others and books have inspired and influenced her teaching, learning and life journey. She also discusses her belief in the power of people and the human spirit as being vital for personal growth, and how she hopes to leave people better, and sparkle, through her presence, influence, or relationship with her. 


#25. Tammy Robinson: Inspiring A Community

My guest this episode, Tammy Robinson, shares how in the midst of grief she discovered her life's purpose and, in the process, healed her heart. She talks of her desire to empower young people and show them they are important, valued and respected. Tammy's goal is for the young people she supports to know that kindness is free, and to teach them that, as a community, we can create a ripple effect of kindness. 


#24. Tammy Baart: The Impact of Identity

My guest this episode, Tammy Baart, shares how identity has impacted her own life and learning journey, and her hope to be role model and provide a platform to celebrate Indigenous success. She talks about her passion for ensuring all children achieve success and exceed their own expectations, and her mission to support young people to know who they are and where they belong in the world. Learning about and reconnecting with her culture, has Influenced Tammy's sense of belonging and view of the world. 


#23. Alice Vigors: The Thinking Classroom 

My guest this episode, Alice Vigors, shares her passion for creating a culture of thinking, visible learning and inquiry in teaching, leading and learning, and discusses the inspiration and influences that have helped fuel the fire on her journey. She also talks about her belief that all students should be known, valued and cared for in our schools; and that the teachers in our school are our greatest resource. 


#22. Sarah Johnson: A Full Life Focus

My guest this episode, Sarah Johnson, shares how she uses her three core values of balance, resilience and faith to live her own full life. She talks about her aim to serve and guide others live their own full life focus through her passions and work. Sarah discusses how her own life journey has had a significant impact on developing her passions, skills and mission to rise and reach the masses. 


#21. Catherine Williams: The Impact of Connection

My guest this episode, Catherine Williams, shares how connecting with others inspired her teaching and positively impacted student engagement and  learning. These connections also provided the opportunity for professional learning and innovation, in addition to support, encouragement and friendship. Catherine also talks of how she now finds inspiration in nature, and the joy she finds in serving and uplifting others. 

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