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One Word 2023

Greater even than the greatest discovery is to keep open the way to future discovery. John Jacob Abel

For the past four years, I’ve identified a One Word as a guide for my actions and interactions for each year (2019 - Authentic; 2020 - Create; 2021 - Intentional; 2022 - Purpose), but, to be honest, I had decided that I was going to give it a miss for 2023. However, driving home from the beach yesterday, a word popped into my head that was just so right, that I can’t ignore it.

My 2023 One Word is DISCOVER!

Discover (verb): find unexpectedly or during a search.

1. become aware of

2. show interest in

3. be the first to find or observe

4. be the first to recognise the potential of

The reason the word discover fits as my One Word is that there are several events happening in my life during 2023, and outlining these using the #BalanceLAP (Balance Like a PIRATE by Jessica Cabeen, Jessica Johnson and Sarah Johnson) quadrants and aligning them with my One Word, really clarifies just how suitable the word discover truly is.

Personal: Travelling again will offer the chance to discover new people, new places and hopefully new First Nations cultures.

Professional: Completing a Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and undertaking ‘official’ study for the first time since completing my degree, will allow me to discover new learning, new ways of thinking, and new skills; as well as the opportunity for self-discovery through reflection.

Positional: Starting at a new school will provide many opportunities for me to discover new pedagogies; relationships with new colleagues, new students and families; and new community connections..

Passions: Rekindling a hobby will afford me the possibility to rediscover my passion for photography, in addition to further developing my skills. You can follow my photography journey on Insta at @kazzaz.snaps.

So, I’m going to take advantage of every opportunity and am excited about all that I will DISCOVER in the year ahead!

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