I would love for you to listen to the following podcasts I have been privileged to be a guest on.

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In this episode, Kelly Young (@teachthisorthat) and I speak with The Creativity Department about shifting mindset beyond engagement and empowering students to be excited about using what they learn in ways that make sense to them - to OWN their learning.

Dan Summerell

February 2020

I chat with Danny about Authenticity in Education, what that means and why it's important to us as educators, and share my personal journey to authenticity.

Sarah Johnson

August 2019

I talk with Sarah about how I rediscovered my passion for teaching and working to build a network of support for others who have faced similar challenges that I did on my journey. I hope I can help others to learn how to can create space for others to grow together and heal ourselves in the process.

Tim Cavey

April 2019

I chat with Time Cavey about my personal and professional passions, including relationships, reading, kindness and global connections.

Ramona Meharg

April 2019

I talk with Ramona Meharg about how and why it's important to make Global Connections, #TLAPdownuner, blogging, creating relationships with students and the #KindnessCrewCRSS Read Aloud.

Inspiring Teachers

January 2019

I chat with Danny Heuger about my 20+ years in elementary education. We discuss my passion, motivation, recovery from disillusionment and burnout, and re-commitment towards excellence in education. I discuss some of my favorite parts of 4th grade teaching, having a student-centered classroom, and how to find motivating teachers around the world to inspire you.

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