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I would love for you to listen to the following podcasts I have been privileged to be a guest on.

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Karen is a life long learner, experienced educator and advocate for deep connections. She speaks vulnerably about nearing burn out and disillusionment in the teaching profession and how she navigated her way to find the love of the job again.

Karen shares with us her most successful lessons & units of work, what she loves about teaching, some of the challenges she's faced, and what keeps her passionate about the profession after 25 years in the classroom.

In this episode, Kelly Young (@teachthisorthat) and Karen speak with The Creativity Department about shifting mindset beyond engagement and empowering students to be excited about using what they learn in ways that make sense to them - to OWN their learning.

Dan Summerell

February 2020

Danny Summerell speaks with Karen about Authenticity in Education, what that means and why it's important to us as educators, and shares her personal journey to authenticity.

Sarah Johnson

August 2019

Karen talks with Sarah Johnson about how she rediscovered her passion for teaching and working to build a network of support for others who have faced similar challenges that she did on her journey. Karen hopes she can help others to learn how to can create space for others to grow together and heal ourselves in the process.

Tim Cavey

April 2019

Karen chats with Tim Cavey about her personal and professional passions, including relationships, reading, kindness and global connections.

Ramona Meharg

April 2019

Karen and Ramona Meharg talk about how and why it's important to make Global Connections, #TLAPdownuner, blogging, creating relationships with students and the #KindnessCrewCRSS Read Aloud.

Inspiring Teachers

January 2019

Karen chats with Danny Heuger about her 20+ years in elementary education,  discussing her passion, motivation, recovery from disillusionment and burnout, and re-commitment towards excellence in education. They talk about some of her favorite parts of 4th grade teaching, having a student-centered classroom, and how to find motivating teachers around the world to inspire you.

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