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'Wonder'-ful Impact with Kath Murdoch

Our guest this episode, Kath Murdoch, shares her educator journey and the many experiences that led to her passion for inquiry-based learning. She talks about her joy of, and commitment to, classroom teaching, which drive her dedication to regular and ongoing work with students. Kath discusses her hope that her curiosity and hunger for learning are contagious, and that she inspires educators to discover the delight of sharing the learning journey with their students.

Kath's Inspirational, Influential and Impactful recommendations:

Connect with Kath:

Kath Murdoch is an experienced teacher, author, university lecturer and popular consultant. She is highly regarded for her work in the field of inquiry-based learning in which she has taught, written and researched for over 35 years. Kath began her professional life as a primary classroom teacher before taking up an academic position in the Education Faculty at the University of Melbourne where she worked for a decade, Since that time, Kath has worked as an independent consultant to schools and education organisations around the world Kath is the author of over 15 books for teachers including the best-selling ‘Power of Inquiry’ and the exquisite set of inquiry coaching cards ‘The Art of Inquiry Teaching’. Kath has recently published her first children’s book, ‘The Wonder of Winsome,’ a story about curiosity and is soon to release her new book 'Getting Personal with Inquiry Learning’

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