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Week 2: Empathy Read Aloud

#SparkEmpathyRA #KindnessCrewCRSS #TLAPdownunder #passionforkindness

Welcome to the second week of Empathy Read Aloud #SparkEmpatyRA! If you need more information on the format of this Read Aloud please click here. I am thrilled that you are joining us in this valuable experience with us.

Please know you can participate in any way that fits into your weekly schedule. You can watch the video and answer the questions all on a Monday – or you can take all week. The Read Aloud experience for each book runs for a whole week, so please join in the way that works for you! When answering questions on Twitter, please use the Q1 A1 format and remember to include the #SparkEmpathyRA hashtag. You are encouraged to look through other class’ responses and comment whenever you can to build on one another’s answers. I look forward to getting this experience started!

Here is the information you will need for this week:

Week 2: October 27th – November 1st

Hosting Class: Alicia Ray at Meadowview Magnet Middle School tweeting from @iluveducating

Book: Beyond Us by Aaron L. Polansky @aaronpolansky

Watch this week’s Read Aloud video here:

View the slow chat questions here:

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