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Week 1: Kindness Read Aloud

Updated: May 16, 2020

Welcome to the very first week of Kindness Read Aloud #KindnessCrewCRSS! If you need more information on the format of this Read Aloud please click here. I am thrilled that you are joining us in this valuable experience with us.

Once again I’d like to acknowledge that the idea for this was inspired by #MindsetMondayLRSD Read Aloud by Annick Rauch and Nycol Dydcote, two fantastic educators from Winnipeg, Canada, as well as #passionforkindness by Tamara Letter, an amazing educator from Virginia, USA. I loved the wonderful things they were both doing, and wanted to incorporate their valuable ideas into experiences I was providing my students, and as a result #KindnessCrewCRSS was born!

Please be aware the you can participate in any way that fits into your weekly schedule. You can watch the video and answer the questions all on a Monday – or you can spread it across the week. The Read Aloud experience for each book runs for a whole week, so please join in the way that works for you! When answering questions on Twitter, please use the Q1 A1 format and remember to include the #KindnessCrewCRSS hashtag. You are encouraged to look through other class’ responses and comment whenever you can to build on one another’s answers. I look forward to getting this experience started!

Here is the information you will need for this week:

Week 1: February 4th – 8th

Hosting Class: Karen Caswell’s class tweeting from @kcasw1

Book: I Am Human by Susan Verde

Watch this week’s Read Aloud video here (please excuse the background noise at the start, we were filming at break time):

View the slow chat questions here:


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