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The Thinking Classroom with Alice Vigors

My guest this episode, Alice Vigors, shares her passion for creating a culture of thinking, visible learning and inquiry in teaching, leading and learning, and discusses the inspiration and influences that have helped fuel the fire on her journey. She also talks about her belief that all students should be known, valued and cared for in our schools; and that the teachers in our school are our greatest resource.

Alice's inspiration, influential and impactful recommendations:

  • People - Rebecca West from Talkin' Chalk, Aaron Johnston from Mr J’s Learning Space

  • Book - The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros

  • Podcast - Cold Coffee, No Gluesticks with Katey Street

  • Cause - Student well-being

  • Dream Travel Destination - Canada and Alaska

Connect with Alice:

Alice Vigors is a dedicated and passionate assistant principal: curriculum and instruction, who uses her creativity, innovation and dedication to inspire others and build their capacity to make a positive difference to the education of all students. She has been a teacher and leader for 14 years, working in both the NSW Public and Catholic education systems.

Alice has developed a website, blog and professional learning network called ‘Thinking Pathways’, a resource and information hub for sharing her knowledge and examples of classroom practice around the explicit teaching and scaffolding of critical and creative thinking skills, the implementation of visible learning practices and understanding the role of inquiry learning in teaching, learning and leading.

Alice launched and co-hosts an educational podcast in March 2021 called the ‘Teacher Takeaway’ podcast to provide educators with practical takeaway ideas across a range of educational topics with three other prominent educational leaders.

Alice has just written a book called the ‘Thinking Classroom: supporting educators to embed critical and creative thinking’ which is being released on the 26th October 2022.

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