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The Impact of Identity with Tammy Baart

My guest this episode, Tammy Baart, shares how identity has impacted her own life and learning journey, and her hope to be role model and provide a platform to celebrate Indigenous success. She talks about her passion for ensuring all children achieve success and exceed their own expectations, and her mission to support young people to know who they are and where they belong in the world. Learning about and reconnecting with her culture, has Influenced Tammy's sense of belonging and view of the world.

Tammy's inspirational, influential and impactful recommendations:

Connect with Tammy:

A proud Dharug woman, Tammy, has grown up reconnecting with her culture; firmly believing that we must harness the power of education and its ability to create future opportunities. As the first in her family to graduate high school, Tammy is the epitome of a lifelong learner and acknowledges that we all play a role to play in shaping future leaders.

With over two decades of educational leadership – in School Executive roles and Curriculum Writing – Tammy uses her experience in both the Government and Independent sectors to advocate and enable change, prioritising student needs so children and youth can be empowered to write their own narratives. Ignited by a passion and drive to find the gaps in the education system, Tammy firmly believes and advocates for all students to have access to authentic and sustainable learning pathways.

Modeling learning and leading in two worlds, Tammy is a bold and courageous Indigenous woman who has foresight and vision to challenge herself and in turn those she works with to greater heights. Understanding the bigger picture while knowing the little things matter is Tammy’s superpower. Leading with love and compassion, Tammy brings people together to commit to creating a new and higher standard of what is possible for our children.

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