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Inspiring Inquiry with Trevor MacKenzie

Our Episode 2 guest, Trevor Mackenzie, shares the many sources of inspiration for his inquiry journey, and discusses his ‘big dream’ for all children. Trevor’s commitment to transforming education and his passion for student centred learning for children around the world is evident in all he says and does. We are grateful for Trevor’s generosity in the way he shares his time and expertise to assist others, and are confident his positive impact will continue to grow. Trevor's Inspirational, Influential and Impactful recommendations:

Connect with Trevor:

Trevor MacKenzie is an experienced teacher, author, keynote speaker and inquiry consultant who has worked in schools throughout Australia, Asia, North America, South Africa and Europe. Trevor’s passion is supporting schools in implementing inquiry-based learning practices. He is a highly regarded speaker known for his heartfelt storytelling, kind demeanour, and student-first philosophy.

Trevor’s graduate research focused on identifying and removing the barriers to implementing inquiry-based learning in the K-12 setting. He is an inquiry practitioner currently as a teacher with the Greater Victoria School District in Victoria, Canada. He has two publications: Dive into Inquiry and Inquiry Mindset, both published by Elevate Books Edu. He has vast experience supporting schools across several years in implementation strategies in public schools, international schools, and International Baccalaureate programmes (PYP/MYP/DP).

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