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Inspiring Connections with Brett Salakas

Karen Caswell

My guest this episode, Brett Salakas, shares his wide and varied educational journey and its impact on his teaching pedagogy and practice. He talks about his passion for turning educational theory into real classroom practice, and supporting other educators to do the same. Brett's mission for connection, collaboration and inspiration drives his work and the influence and impact he hopes to have.

Brett's inspirational, influential and impactful recommendations:

Connect with Brett:

Uniquely experienced, Brett’s innovation, curriculum insight and passion to deliver results set him apart. His reputation for innovation in the education industry is truly global. He has been the keynote speaker at multiple international conferences, in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America and has run Professional Learning for schools and systems both in Australia and in North America.

Brett is a teacher, leader, poet and the founder of #aussieED (the largest online network of teachers in Australia) and the co-founder of both the ED Poets Society and #TheWalkingED.

Brett has leadership experience within the Public Education System, Catholic and Independent systems as well as being a Curriculum and Digital Technologies Officer while teaching in Singapore. Couple that with the rare experience of having taught from Kindergarten to Year 10 and you will find that Brett brings a blend of deep pedagogical awareness and flexibility that allows him to rapidly adapt to and understand complex educational contexts.

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