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Honouring Learners and Learning with Gemma Goodyear

My guest this episode, Gemma Goodyear, shares how her love of learning has guided her work to create schools that look different, honour learners and are places of joy.

Gemma's inspirational, influential and impactful recommendations:

  • People: Children

  • Book: 'To Teach' by Wiliam Ayers

  • Podcast: The Educhange Podcast

  • Causes: Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project and Wurrundjeri Culture Council

  • Dream Travel Destination: India

Connect with Gemma:

  • Instagram: @tracesoflearning

  • Website: Traces of Learning

  • LinkedIn: Traces of Learning

  • Facebook: Traces of Learning X: @gemmaeducate

Gemma is an Educational Consultant and Primary School Principal, and she has been a leading educator for over 20 years. Gemma has held roles such as Principal, Deputy Principal, Leadership Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Literacy Leader, and Change Consultant. Her love and passion for learning and teaching led to Traces of Learning. Furthering her expertise by completing a Post Graduate in Literacy Leadership, Graduate certificate in leadership, Masters in Educational Leadership, and currently completing a Phd in Educational Leadership - leading Learning and Teaching change. Her workshops and consultancy are based on her further study and experience as a leader and educator. As an education consultant, Gemma is committed to her role as Principal and ensuring all her study and cycles of change work in her own setting and with colleagues. She expanded this knowledge through the launch of  Traces of learning,  wanting to support others in leading change and implementing models to inspire leaders, educators, and children. She works alongside schools to coach and mentor a hands-on approach while embedding curriculum and leadership standards. Gemma works with schools around Australia and ELCs to build consistency and accountability whilst bringing joy and passion.  Gemma has been a panel member of The Age Summit, presenter of National Education Summit, 2023 REAIE Conference - Landscapes of Curiosity and Creativity, in dialogue with the 100 languages Melbourne/Naarm and has been awarded Visionary Leader - Walker learning.

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