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#TLAPdownunder Bloggers, Podcasters and You Tubers

I love learning from my Professional Learning Community and wanted to share some of the amazing work of the members of the extended #TLAPdownunder crew, so I've listed and linked blogs, podcasts and You tube channels below. The interests, knowledge and skills of these awesome educators are wide and varied, so a range of topics are covered. I'm sure you'll find something of interest, as well as learn something new!


Danny Summerell 'Pondering Dan'

Vicky Kennard - Maths Manipulatives

Josh Velez - Forever Laminating

Sharon McCormack - Teachers as Leaders

Justin Hill - Junior School Design

Tonya Gilchrist - Tonya Gilchrist

Donna Maccaroni - In My Spare Time

Levi Allison - Levi Allison


Cass Lowry - MathsTalk Podcast

Catherine Williams - Get ConnectED

Danny Summerell - The Pondering Dan Podcast

Bronwyn Brady - For the Love of Teaching

You Tube

Heulwen Sweet - Heulwen Sweet

Danny Summerell - Danny Summerell

Steven Kolber - Mr Kolber's Teaching

I love that there are different mediums through which to share and acquire new learning. Happy reading, listening and viewing!

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