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The Impact of Clarity with Lyn Sharratt

My guest this episode, Lyn Sharratt, shares her passion for equity and excellence for all students and all teachers, and the power of putting faces to the data to increase student growth and achievement.

Lyn's inspirational, influential and impactful recommendations:

  • People - John Hattie, Michael Fullan

  • Book - Selena Fisk's work

  • Podcast - Learning Walks and Talks with AITSL

  • Cause - Australia Literacy Educators Association

  • Dream Travel Destination - Ningaloo Reef, Australia

Connect with Lyn:

Lyn Sharratt is a practitioner and researcher working in remote and urban settings worldwide. Lyn is an Adjunct Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada; an Honorary Fellow at University of Melbourne, Australia; an author consultant for Corwin Press; an advisor for International School Leadership with the Ontario Principals’ Council; and consults internationally, working with system, school, and teacher leaders at all levels in Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Lyn focuses her time and effort on increasing each student’s growth and achievement by working alongside leaders and teachers to put FACES on their data, taking intentional action to make equity and excellence a reality for ALL students.

Visit for articles, video clips, and podcasts; on Twitter: @LynSharratt; on Instagram: lyn_sharratt; and on LinkedIn where Lyn owns the “Educational Leadership” LinkedIn group made up of 104,000+ members.

Lyn’s authorship includes Realization: The Change Imperative for Deepening District-Wide Reform (with Michael Fullan); Putting FACES on the Data: What Great Leaders Do! (with Michael Fullan); Good to Great to Innovate: Recalculating the Route, K–12+ (with Gale Harild); Leading Collaborative Learning: Excellence (with Beate Planche); CLARITY: What Matters MOST in Learning, Teaching and Leading (International Best-Selling Education Book in 2020); and Putting FACES on the Data: the 10th Anniversary Edition (with Michael Fullan).

Lyn is proud of the recent co-development of the CLARITY Learning Suite (CLS)—a web-based collaborative Professional Learning opportunity that mirrors the text, CLARITY. Lyn and her team believe that everyone’s a leader, thus CLS provides guidance to Learning Leaders on how to do this work of system and school improvement—together—to make a difference for all students. Visit

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