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Listen as guests from all walks of life share where they have found inspiration, who has influenced them in their lives and what impact they hope to have on the lives of others. These stories not only connect and empower us, but inspire, influence and impact those around us, often more than we’ll ever know.


#7 Barbara Gruener: Connecting by Heart

Our guest this episode, Barbara Gruener, shares her mission for connecting by heart to make a world of difference, by helping elevate empathy, compassion and kindness in everyone she meets, while modeling what it means to stay centered by and rooted in gratitude, hope and love. Her passion for people is evident in her many acts of service during her 38 years in education, and in life.


#6 Stephanie Smith

Our guest this episode, Dr. Stephanie Smith, shares her passion for empowering our young people, and how she has embraced every change as a learning opportunity. Stephanie's diverse and rich experiences have not only shaped her passion and practice, but now inspire other educators to provide opportunities for learners to have their voices heard. Stephanie truly embodies the spirit and values of a life long learner.


#5 Craig Ladek: The Impact of Service

Our guest this episode, Craig Ladek, shares the impact of service on his life - the inspiration the service of others provided and how his own service has influenced his own and other's lives. He also opens up about his mental health challenges and experiences with PTSD. Craig is a role model for many, who has gone from serving our country to serving our community, and has impacted many lives along the way.


#4 Fi Morrison: STEM-spirational

Our guest this episode, Fi Morrison, is a passionate advocate for STEM and the Early Years, and was named the ICTENSW Young Educator of the Year for 2020. She is an inspirational role model for taking a risk and sharing your passions with the world. Fi's passion for STEM in the Early Years and engaging student's curiosities and imaginations is evident.

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#3 Tamara Letter: Inspired by Kindness

Our guest this episode, Tamara Letter, shares where she finds inspiration to be a Kindness Cultivator, and how she aims to never miss an opportunity to show compassion, empathy and gratitude, intentionally starting each day with a kindness mindset. Tamara’s passion for kindness is inspiring. Her gift for showing love, compassion and gratitude is a lesson to us all.


#2 Trevor Mackenzie: Inspiring Inquiry

Our guest this episode, Trevor Mackenzie, shares the many sources of inspiration for his inquiry journey, and discusses his ‘big dream’ for all children. Trevor’s commitment to transforming education and his passion for student centred learning for children around the world is evident in all he says and does.


#1 Dave Burgess: Discover Wide

Our guest this episode, Dave Burgess, shares how he uses many sources to 'Discover Wide'. Dave is so inspirational and we are grateful he chose to share his manifesto, and that his influence continues as he encourages and empowers others, and amplifies their passions, stories and powerful work. We are thankful for the impact he has had on us, and the world.

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#0 An Introduction

Welcome to Inspiration, Influence and Impact: The Podcast. In our introductory episode, learn a little about hosts Karen and Catherine, and our passions and purpose.