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Inspired by Kindness with Tamara Letter

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Our guest for Episode 3, Tamara Letter, shares where she finds inspiration to be a Kindness Cultivator, and how she aims to never miss an opportunity to show compassion, empathy and gratitude, intentionally starting each day with a kindness mindset. Tamara’s passion for kindness is inspiring. Her gift for showing love, compassion and gratitude is a lesson to us all. Just like the ripples in a pond, or the seeds of a dandelion, her influence and positive impact on the world will continue to spread for many years to come.

Tamara's Inspirational, Influential and Impactful recommendations:

Connect with Tamara:

Tamara Letter is an enthusiastic presenter, writer, and kindness cultivator who strives each day to add a little good to the world. She is a passionate educator with more than two decades of experience as an elementary teacher, differentiation specialist, technology integrator, and instructional coach. Her messages of positivity and joy inspire educators in all levels of service to create a culture of kindness through social-emotional learning and character education.

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